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Salad with avocado and crab meat with cedar sauce and toasted ham.4
Ingredients on 4 portions
Crab meat 400 g
Shallot 25g
Caesar sauce 120 ml
Ham 40g
Boiled red beans 160g
Pesto 15g
Olive oil 40g
Avocado 120g
Mung bean salad 80g
Pine nut 20g
Cooking time – 20 minutes
Boil the beans (if you don’t have time at home is possible to use canned one) and cut, then mix with pesto and carefully place on plate.
Mix crab meat with chopped onions and Caesar sauce, spreading over beans on top.
Cut avocado and lay over crab meat.
Cover all of this with a cap of pine nuts salad.
Throw ham into boiling oil, to make it crispy.
Throw crisp ham with olive oil and pine nuts in a blender – finished sauce pour on top and around.
On four portions – put four thin slices of ham in the oven – 15 minutes at 175 degrees.
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